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Lemon Drop
Hong Kong
Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop is a Boutique branding and marketing agency based in Hong kong. Working for clients Worldwide.

The design was done by the client then, I had to work on the design for touch typography, whitespacing, color and new layout.

Lemon Drop mock up

Development Process include:

How I build Webflow site:

  • Use best practises to translate Figma designs into a responsive Webflow webpage.
    Structured class
  • Responsive design
  • Lightning fast load time
  • Seamless Animation
  • Migration to Webflow from Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, etc. 
  • Integration of Webflow with third-party applications, such as your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce) via Zapier
  • Custom code whenever Webflow runs into limitations (HTML, CSS, and Jquery)
  • SEO Friendly

Webflow SEO 

  • Webflow Meta Title Optimization 
  • Meta Description Optimization 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Webflow Website Optimization For Targeted Customers/Locations 
  • Webflow Slug Fixing 
  • Image Optimization & Adding Keywords Based Alt Tag
  • Open Graph image
  • Favicon
  • Permalink set up and make URL SEO friendly 
  • Google Analytics Tool Set up 
  • H1/H2/H3 Set up/ Fixing 
  • XML Sitemap Submission

Tested on PageSpeed Insight and the result was awesome!

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